Who and Why?

 are a guitar band from around Manchester. They had been in previous bands before, some with members of SPENCER. We'll put links to these past bands onto this page as and when. As and when what? As and when we can...

Influenced by bands like 'The Chameleons', 'Echo and the Bunnymen', 'The The' and 'The Clash' SPENCER carve out their sound in order to desatturise the saccharine nature of the music of 2007.

The band are Ian on drums, Vinny on bass, Matt on guitar and John on guitar and vocal duty. They were formed in late 2005 and played their first gig on 16/06/06 at The Castle in Oldham. They recorded their first demo 'The Here and The Now' in October 2006 at www.thestudiosound.com in Rochdale. They joined the madness of myspace www.myspace.com/thespencersound and were encouraged by reaction to their songs.

They continued to play various gigs in various towns in England, and were offered a contract with an American indie label in Feb 2007. They demo'd four songs in May 2007, again at Spoons studio on one memorable Friday night. The American deal basically fell apart and ended in June 2007.  Far from being disheartened at this turn of events we are able to concentrate on what we enjoy doing again, rather than having to think about visa applications and 240-110 transformers. We'll carry on playing and hopefully will record some of our newer songs soon. Until we do, enjoy the songs on the site - leave nice comments and if you want to, sign up details of upcoming gigs and Spencer stuff direct to your inbox. Over on Myspace you can click the demand it sticker to let us know you want us to play near you - you can also contact us on this site, we're looking into playing a few venues up and down the UK but it's all down to demand really, we don't mind playing for no money to three people but promoters generally don't want that.

Anyway, enough for now.

see you soon



June 2007

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